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Credit of unpaid rights

“In connection with Aisha Steel Mills Limited Right Issue announcement, unpaid Rights @ 20% were credited by the CDC in Book Entry Form on 18th May 2017 in the respective accounts of the ordinary / preference CDS shareholders (ASL, ASLPS, ASLCPS) whose names appeared in the Register of Members at the close of the business on Monday, 15th May 2017.

Letters of Right (LoR) to physical shareholders are dispatched on 22nd May 2017.”

Please find attached other pertinent dates

Metal One Corporation

Metal One Corporation, world’s largest steel trader, was established in January, 2003 with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Its market capitalization to date is Yen 100 billion (PKR c.112.580 billion). Shareholders of Metal One are Mitsubishi Corporation (60%) and Sojitz Corporation (40%). As an integrated steel trading company and a leader in steel distribution, Metal One guarantees that it will be the customer’s strongest partner thanks to its ties to steel manufacturers and the distribution industry as well as its two shareholding firms and more than 150 domestic and overseas Group Companies.


Metal One responds to diverse customer needs and environmental changes with enhanced market-oriented strategies and trading-company capabilities through five business divisions that are organized by category based on demand. The company provides steel products in an optimal, streamlined, and stable manner and offers production, processing, distribution, and other functions and services.


Metal One operates through five divisions:

Steel Plates Division

It handles steel plates, pipes, and other products for industrial machinery, heavy industries, and energy industries. It supplies a broad range of customers, including shipbuilders, construction machinery manufacturers, plant makers, overseas oil and gas companies, steel pipe mills, and secondary wholesalers.


Steel Sheets Division

It handles steel sheet varieties for domestic and overseas automotive and electric machinery industries. It also handles steel sheets used as construction materials and in containers and steel furniture. In addition, the division works with secondary distributors, such as secondary wholesalers.


Tube & Construction Materials Division

It handles wide flange beams, bars, and other types of structural steel for the construction market as well as processed ferrous raw materials, which are the main component of those products.


Global Marketing Division

The Global Marketing Division is expanding its steel product and semi-finished product business in the international steel market using Group networks that span the entire globe. At the same time, the division provides optimal solutions in response to various market gaps that occur in steel supply chains overseas.


Wire, Specialty Steel & Stainless Steel Division

The Wire, Specialty Steel & Stainless Steel Division conducts business activities in Japan and elsewhere for products in these three categories while responding comprehensively to the diverse, sophisticated requirements of customers. To this end, the division works with Group companies that have unparalleled sales capabilities and long histories.